The Sisters of Saint Gregory

The Sisters of Saint Gregory is a canonically recognized community of women in the Episcopal Church who have been called together by God to live the vowed life in a diversity of styles and spiritualities in the world.
We live intentionally dispersed, coming together twice a year for convocation, retreat, business, fellowship and worship.
We are women of prayer; lovers of God; servants of the holy, catholic and apostolic Church. the-sisters-of-saint-gregory

The community is comprised of lay and clergy, young and old, fit and feeble, introvert and extrovert, contemplative and active; married, widowed, divorced, single, or partnered. Some live in families, some apart.
We bear witness in the church and in the world that the universal call to holiness may still be experienced as a vocation of uncommon attentiveness to the things of God. Though fully aware of our brokenness and spiritual poverty, we invite and nurture the indwelling of the Holy Trinity in our hearts, as we pray to be bowls of compassion poured out for a broken world, and participants in God’s recreation of all things.


The Rev. Deacon Sr. MaryCatherine Robertson, SSG
The Sisters of Saint Gregory
Soli Deo Gloria