Contemplative Fire

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Contemplative Fire is a dispersed monastic community that follows a rhythm of life of ‘Travelling Light – Dwelling Deep” that is rooted in prayer, study and joyful action.  Drawing from the broad Christian contemplative tradition, we seek to be fully present to the kingdom of God right here and right now.  As our name implies we enjoy the mystery and paradoxes of life, of being both contemplative and on fire.

Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community that meets in homes, churches, any attractive space or even out-of-doors.  We meet as a large group for Gatherings (worship services), Pilgrimages (awareness walks and retreat days), and Living the Mystery (study days).  We meet more frequently in small groups for times of deep listening to each other, to scripture, to contemplative texts, and trustfully to God.  Our small groups vary from meditation to study, to food and fellowship times.  Each one is woven with times of stillness, respectful listening and spaciousness.

Sometimes we gather for meals after our monthly Gathering or simply for fun during the year for either a pot luck meal or a spaciousness meal.


We are…

…… A Monastery Without Walls

Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community of people who seek to follow a rhythm of life based on being, knowing and doing as grounded in the example of Jesus. We love fun and

….. Silence, Stillness, Spaciousness and Simplicity

We yearn for these qualities in our life and to bring them into the world.  We are a community that helps people slow down, listen to God and then live out of their deepest callings.

….. Curious about Christianity

We are a Christian community, but we don’t insist that we have all the right answers. We know God and yet are very aware that there is so much that we don’t know. We enter, even uneasily, into the mystery of God, yet eagerly looking for God in the present moment. We are engaged with the broad Christian contemplative tradition and practice.

Contemplative Fire Canada was founded in 2009 by a team in Toronto led by The Rev Anne Crosthwait. It originated in England under Rev Phillip Roderick in 2003.