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of Religious Communities in Canada

If you belong to a church you belong to a religious community.   There are many forms of religious communities from that of a church that gathers people periodically for worship, service and Christian education to communities where members live together permanently under specific vows, including poverty, chastity and obedience, to communities that live under vows in their daily life or particular practices for worship and prayer.    Each community seeks to live their Christian vocation faithfully.


This website gathers information on Anglican communities including those from traditional, monastic orders to emerging forms of Christian community in daily life or contemporary sharing.   Each of the communities has roots in the Anglican tradition of the Anglican Church of Canada.    cathedral-brazilYou will find the communities listed in the categories of:

  • Contemplative Dispersed
  • Monastic Residential
  • New & Emerging
  • Vowed Daily Living

Read about a community – for more information see their website or connect with their contact link.

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